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The tourists and customers of today are both educated and well-informed; therefore, peaking their interests and addressing their needs requires constant hard work. Avayar strives to preserve Iran’s heritage, and in doing so combines knowledge, experience, technology and creativity to offer special services in the form of audio and visual guides to tourist attractions such as museums, exhibitions, galleries, and different industries. You can trust us to design and install your multilingual audio guides for all kinds of subjects and audiences, in the form of a mass media station, application, or personal audio guide. Avayar is with you every step of the way to increase visitor satisfaction and teaching the value of our heritage.


Avayar Guides for a deeper understanding of tourist attractions
Flexible Design

.The option to change the location technology in the device and use the most suitable kind for each site

.Original Conten

A captivating story creates memorable experiences for the visitors

An Iranian Product

This high quality product has been fully designed and built in Iran.


advice and consultation, determining the target audience, determining the services, determining the products


producing written content, translating, editing and getting approval, recording and adding sound effects


installation and setup of the hardware, setup of the infrastructure needed for offering an app, training of personnel

Customer service

repair and maintenance of the hardware and software, marketing and sales, improving and completing previous content

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