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About Us

Avayar is more than just a commercial company. It is an idea. We have come together to make sure the precious heritage and rich history does not fade from memory with the passing of time. Avayar entered the audio guide business and made use of today’s latest technologies to offer video mapping services with the aim of informing Iranians and the entire world of the value of natural and cultural Heritage in Iran and other countries. We want to be the voice of heritages so future generations will also be able to benefit from this priceless treasure. We hope to take major strides towards introducing the heritage and historical and cultural identity to the people by providing high quality electronic services in the tourism industry.

Avayar was born with a profound identity. It is this identity that gives Avayar life to this day and directs us towards reaching our great goal. In order to better know Avayar, you need to look at its golden circle. This circle clearly shows the importance of our electronic services such as audio guides and video mapping for standardizing our tourism infrastructure.

Avayar’s Golden Circle


Why did Avayar come about?

Each country’s heritage is like a rare plant which will be lost forever if not conserved correctly. It is a treasure left behind by those who came before us. It is a reflection of the history and civilization of that nation. For example, With its thousands of years of civilization, our beautiful homeland Iran is like a giant living museum filled with treasures left behind by the people who have lived here throughout the ages. The artifacts left from prehistoric times reveal the grandeur and antiquity of civilization on the Iranian plateau. The many historical sites discovered in every corner of the country over the years tell myriad tales of the magnificence of Iran’s past. Any one of these stories can instantly turn its listeners into lovers of Iran. Lovers who will work hard to protect their beloved and all her possessions. But how much do we truly know about these prized possessions? Do we really understand the value of our heritage? How hard do we work to protect it? Wouldn’t it be try harder to conserve it if we understood its real value?

The inception of Avayar came from this very question. We strive to motivate people to conserve their country’s cultural heritage. We want everyone to protect the heritage which belongs to the history of the world. Everyone will do their best to protect these treasures as if they were their own personal possessions once they understand their true value.

How will Avayar achieve this?

Things which have a lot of thought put into them and are built by hand are usually much more pleasant to use, even if they’re not very expensive. These objects are full of stories which amplify their worth. It is these very same stories which give the heritage of a country its identity and soul and make its value clear to us. At first glance, most historic buildings and artifacts appear to be nothing more than bricks, tools and clay or stone pots. However, once they are coupled with the stories behind them, these inanimate objects come to life and start to shine like gems on the backdrop of history. The stories of our country, every corner of which is dotted with signs of ancient civilizations, can no doubt, fill endless books and stun and amaze all its visitors. These books have been forgotten in recent years and have been sitting in a corner gathering dust. 

What will Avayar use to achieve this?

We have learned that technology is our biggest ally in this century. Avayar investigated and drew inspiration from other experiences in presenting cultural and historical sites across the globe before starting out. Our first product is the audio guide. These guides go everywhere with the visitors as they explore every nook and cranny of history.

The second step we’ve taken to reach our goal is we’ve used multimedia technologies such as video mapping. Avayar employs these technologies to teach the people of Iran and the entire world about the value of our country’s cultural heritage.

How is Avayar’s team structured?

Avayar is the culmination of the travels and experiences of two engineers and a writer. Our travels made the need for audio guides at our museums and galleries completely evident, especially for those who don’t visit with a tours.

Avayar is organized into several teams:

  1. Management team: the management team is at the core of the company. It coordinates everything and holds all the meetings.
  2. Technical team: Avayar’s technical team is constantly evaluating new products and works to offer our customers the best products with the highest possible quality. We believe that Iranian products can be sold on global markets. That is why we are working with our expert technicians to make our production process completely self-sufficient.
  3. Content team: content is king. This sentence can be seen everywhere these days. Avayar’s content team is fully aware of the importance of the content they create and are constantly trying to find the best way possible of retelling the stories of word's heritage.
  4. Video mapping team: Avayar’s video mapping team is comprised of designers, graphic artists, directors, animators and mapping experts.

Avayar Sanat always does its best to accomplish the responsibility it has taken on. We are committed to Iran and we will do all we can to uphold our oath. We are not just conveyers of information. We search through the maze of history and tell our listeners only that which is deserving of the heritage.


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