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How much of the history lessons you had in school can you still remember? How about the story of Khosrow and Shirin? The difference between history schoolbooks and Khosrow and Shirin is the beautiful narrative Nizami Ganjavi has used to tell that particular tale. Your content has to be presented in the most memorable way so it can have a deep and meaningful effect.

The audiences of today don’t have a lot of time. The fast-paced digital world of the 21st century has made people impatient and easily bored. If you want the listeners to remember you, the best thing you can do is present them with memorable content. Writing interesting and unforgettable content for audio guides is considerably harder than if it were just text because a person can always go back and reread a part of a text (in order to fully understand it) however he can quickly lose track and not understand a whole segment if the audio content is not interesting or clear enough. Additionally, lack of cohesion, and presenting data and statistics in a bland and mechanical way will only bore the listener and be forgotten soon after. Today’s audiences are being constantly bombarded with information, therefore your data needs to be correct and presented in a memorable fashion.


So what’s the solution?

The only types of content that are valuable in this industry are those which keep the listener engaged right to the very end, entice them to continue listening and finally leave them happy and with a smile on their face. The most important factor for creating such content is the need for a narrative. A narrative that you want to follow like you would a close friend who is taking you from one place to the next. When presented with this kind of content, the listener completely loses track of time and marches on to the end without ever feeling tired. We therefore need to tear back the boring veil of history and create a captivating atmosphere in which to tell our visitors the fascinating stories of past events. We will take them for a walk back through time and use music to set the mood and leave a lasting impression by touching their hearts.

The people who visit museums or other attractions are usually from different backgrounds with different levels of knowledge. Some like to learn the details to add to the basic knowledge they already possess while others might find those details uninteresting and prefer to gain a general understanding of the place they’re visiting. Avayar is well aware of the diversity among visitors and that’s why our content is produced in two tiers, for general audiences and for experts, so you can achieve satisfaction across the whole spectrum of your visitors. One of the most important points to keep in mind is that Avayar always makes careful use of reliable references and sources to ensure all our content is factual and accurate.

Additionally, Aayar can suggest specialized content specifically targeted at, children or other groups who need content to be presented in a special way to match their interests and personalities.

Our team is full of novel ideas for writing interesting content, which they have gained through extensive studying as well as trial and error. They are ready to assist you in developing your ideas. Content creation at Avayar doesn’t end in a written text, we ultimately have our content read by the most talented voice actors and add sound effects to create the right atmosphere. Providing professional and high quality content will increase customer satisfaction and leave them with an unforgettable experience.

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