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Installation & Setup

Implementing an audio guide system requires well-functioning technologies in addition to quality content. These systems need to be extremely precise and intuitive so everyone can easily use them during their visit without ever getting confused.  The content also needs to be adjusted to match the distances between different sections so they’re not too short or so lengthy that they risk interfering with content relating to other sections.

We will do all the calculations to find the optimum placement of devices within the museum, for you. In addition to providing the right number of devices, we will divide the museum into sections, allocate the appropriate content to each and even chose the best method of presentation based on the cutting edge findings in the field. We will take the location of the displays and the available equipment into account in order to implement the most suitable technology for that space. After installation, we will put every device through a multi-step testing procedure and finally hand the system over to you only when it is functioning perfectly.

Following installation and testing you will be given a complete instruction manual, but in order to show how much we value your decision to collaborate with us, with the aim of improving the experience of your visitors, our technicians will teach your personnel how to operate the devices and software as well as how to perform simple trouble shooting.

Installing and providing these devices in different parts of a museum, gallery or any other attraction will no doubt help it stand out and attract visitors. When correctly and professionally implemented, these systems will guarantee the satisfaction of visitors and provide them with an unforgettable experience at your museum or gallery.

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