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Customer Service

Our work doesn’t end when we make a sale; on the contrary, it’s only just started.

Avayar’s customer support team is at your service and is ready to immediately repair even the smallest of flaws. We offer you the highest quality equipment and accessories. However, constant use of any hardware or software, will inevitably take a toll and increase the risk of problems over time. These problems can be avoided with regular maintenance, in order to keep the system operating at its best.

You may also make changes to your museum or gallery over time which would also necessitate changes being made to the content. With the help of Avayar’s customer service, you can update your system in the best way possible at minimal cost. Avayar’s support team will be by your side to make sure the devices and systems function perfectly and continue to offer your visitors an exceptional experience. We will help you keep up with the wave of technological innovation.

Contact us: we are available 24/7. Tel: 02144655763