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Bird Garden

Tehran Bird Garden is the biggest in Iran and one of the biggest in the world. It is situated in the heart of Lavizan forests. The project of producing an audio guide system for Tehran Bird Garden was carried out in several phases.

  1. Gathering information with the help of ornithologists
  2. Production of written content in both Farsi and English
  3. Narration to convert the texts into audio content
  4. Adding sound effects and creating audio files
  5. Installation and setup of the necessary hardware
  6. Production of the Tehran Bird Garden guide app

The audio guide for the Tehran Bird Garden is offered in both automatic and selective modes. In the automatic mode, the guide will automatically begin speaking and giving explanations about different sections as soon as the visitors enter the area. The second mode is activated by bringing the device near the cards installed in each section. The guide then offers additional information about that specific bird.

You can read more about the Tehran Bird Garden and how to visit, in the article “Avayar’s chime can be heard throughout the Tehran Bird Garden”.

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